Thank you for coming by my website and clicking to find out more about me and my company. As you may have figured out, my name is Marvin and I am a photographer.
I have been shooting since 2004 of course just like anything it started out as a hobby. At that time, my day job was a web programmer…technically a Frontend Web Developer. And just like a lot of people, this was not my true passion, my calling. It was something that I “fell” into that was convenient enough to pay my rent, the car note, the bills, the debt.
Until one day I had enough and decided to see how far I can take my passion for photography. And so I started Marvin Yan Photography.
Every couple has a story that is uniquely theirs and I want to be the one to put that on film so your kids can enjoy.

What is my WHY?

On building a business, you have to do some introspection. And so I came across a TedX video of Simon Sinek. was reading a book by Simon Sinek. One of the more interesting topics he covered was entitled “What’s your WHY?”
Growing up, we didn’t have much. Of course at that time, I didn’t realize it. However, looking back now and looking at everyone else that has pictures from their parent’s wedding or grandparent’s wedding. And the stories that ensues from those photos. I didn’t have that.  It was then that I realized these photos aren’t for you, but more so for your children.
And so it became my mission to not let that happen to anyone else. I want to provide for your legacy by capturing those stories. Giving you something to talk about with your children and your grandchildren. Something to spark that memory, to go back in time. That’s my why…this is why I work hard to create your legacy.

Begin your legacy 

I hope we can work together, share laughs together, and create memories together.
Marvin (that’s him up there) is the owner and founder of Marvin Yan Photography, a wedding and events photography studio. He started this to pursue his dream of capturing those special moments from this expansiveness we call life…and nothing can be more special than that of your wedding day. Marvin believes that photography is an art form, a medium in which to communicate a story, your story, to the world. He loves to tell these stories with a photojournalistic flare (capturing candid and spontaneous moments which communicates an emotional story) as well as with beauty and grace as evidenced in his bridal portraitures. He is serious about his art but you will never know it considering how friendly and laid back he is. Marvin Yan Photography is also available for engagement sessions, bridal portraiture, maternity and couples photoshoots. Please use the contact form to begin a customized proposal suited specifically for your event. Be sure to follow us to keep up-to-date on all things photography:

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