A Letter of Intention

Friends and Family,

Today, I have declared that I am worth taking a chance on and that I have the smarts, creativity and discipline to pursue my passions and dreams. So I resigned from the corporate 9-5 job.

I owe it to myself to take this leap of faith; to trust in the universe and that I will be taken care of so long as I put in the effort of action. I also trust in myself and my abilities…and not just the ability to write code or to take a photograph, but the ability to learn, the ability to listen, the ability to be openminded, the ability to take action.

So I ask of you not for a prayer for me to be successful but to take a look within and make sure you’re living your passions and dreams or at least creating a path to them because YOU are worth it. You owe it to yourself. Trust within your heart and you will be just fine.

I will be documenting my adventures into the world of photography, especially my wedding photography business, here on my blog. You will be able to follow along as I navigate this new world of entrepreneurship from business to creativity side.